Multimedia University Cyberjaya Campus was formed in 1999, MMU Malaysian Red Crescent Society was brought over from Malacca campus by a number of seniors having the same interest. At that time, the society was restricted to occasional meeting and gatherings. When new committees led by Mr Charn Eng Li took over in year 2000, the Society took its first initiative to form its very first Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) Voluntary Aid Detachment, with consist of about 40 members. It was only then that the function of the society increased drastically. Being officially registered, they were able to train the members in first aid, marching and other various courses offered by the MRCS Headquarter. 

As time passes, they found that their scope of activities and the growing number of membership are too much for a VAD to handle. Thus, arise an idea by Mr. Lim Kuo Shee, an active member who had completed studied on MRCS constitution and handbooks, together with a strong group of recruited fresh bloods in the year 2001, they began a movement to upgrade the VAD standard to a status of Chapter which will be the same as other Local Higher Learning Institutions’ Chapter and other District’ Chapter.

By the end of the year 2001, the MRCS Selangor Branch agreed to upgrade and recognise MMU Malaysian Red Crescent Society to the status of Chapter which is equal to the level of a district by its own and renamed to Malaysian Red Crescent Society, Multimedia University Cyberjaya Chapter. From then onwards, there was no looking back. The membership increased about 5 times from 40 to two hundred strong members in year 2002. Through providing continuous trainings for members, they then had sufficient capabilities to carry out training and serve the community of Multimedia University and Cyberjaya. MRCS Selangor Branch had given them the authority to provide services that covers a numbers of areas such as Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Dengkil, Sepang, and also KLIA.

In year 2002, the chapter chairman Mr. Eddy Chong Siong Choy and 16 chapter officers governed the 4 strong VADs. Then in year 2003, it had expanded to 6 VADs as the subsidiary units. The VADs were renamed to VAD96 by MRCS National Headquarter. Each VAD has its own sub-committee to run the functional squad that leaded by a commandant. In the same year, the first MRCS Instructor Panel was formed in MMU Cyberjaya Chapter after only 8 members passed in the long series of MRCS certification courses that recognized by MRCS Selangor Branch and National Headquarter. With the helping hands from Mr. Eddy, MRCS MMU Cyberjaya Chapter had successfully granted an operation room as a token of appreciation and reorganization from MMU management in the end of the year 2003. Finally in year 2004, the MMU President Prof. Dr. Ghauth Jasmon also agreed to be the Patron of the chapter and he received the Chapter’s Power Baton.

In year 2007, MRCS was rebranded to Malaysian Red Crescent. MMURCS renamed to Malaysian Red Crescent Multimedia University Cyberjaya Chapter. In the same year, Dr. Chan took over Mr. Eddy Chong position as a new Chapter Chairman. 

In year 2010, Ms. Heng Yee Hui designed a new Chapter logo and it was officially launched by Manager of Student Affair Division, MMU. In the year 2011, current chapter officially suggested to celebrate 10th years anniversary of MRC MMU Cyberjaya formed as a Chapter. Ms. Heng Yee Hui redesigned the Chapter logo in conjunction of 10th years anniversary and the new logo was officially launched by Ir. Dr. Chan Yee Kit, Chapter Chairman. 

In year 2012, in conjunction of 10th years anniversary of MRC MMU Cyberjaya Chapter formed as a chapter, 10th years anniversary Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner (AVAD) was held at Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya on 14th April 2012. Besides that, MRC MMU Cyberjaya Chapter had been nominated in 8 awards and had won the Best Service Programme Award 2012 and Best Club Award 2012 during MMU Awards 2012 which was held at Melacca.

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