Friday, January 6, 2012

Report : Emergency Response - MSC CHAMPIONSHIP 2011 First Aid Duty

MSC CHAMPIONSHIP 2011 First Aid Duty

Date : 12th -13th November 2011.

Time : 9.00a.m. To 6.00p.m

Venue : Extreme Park Court @ Sunway South Quay

Organizer : Badminton Club from Multimedia University Cyberjaya Campus

On the first day on 12th Nov 2011 started at 10.00a.m., I am the officer in charge to bring my two members from representative from VAD D to come for duty at the Extreme Park Court @ Sunway South Quay. Got 2 people injured with their legs, hand and muscles cramp during the event started. There also provided lucky draw, lunch and dinner to us as well. Due to the MSC committee’s arrangement, we are unable to back on time at 6.00pm; we need to duty until the games finished only can leave at 7.30pm sharp.

On the second day on 13th Nov 2011, only Pong Chee Hong able to attend the first five hour for the MSC Championship for first aid duty at 10.00a.m, because I got General Chapter Meeting in MMU with Dr. Chan Yee Kit and Chapter committees from 10.30a.m till 1.00p.m, while another members named Sim Sai Hou got his important church at his hometown at Kuala Lumpur in the morning as well.

We reached at the duty place at 2.45pm due to the traffic jams and eat lunch. The competition on that day is semi-final and final games got 7 people injured during the event. For this moment, we are duty successfully and good response from Wilson Company and committee’s Badminton Club from MMU, Cyberjaya campus.

Member on duty

Officer in charge : ONG POH CHING

Assistant Officer in Charge: -

Member on duty : PONG CHEE HONG and SIM SAI HOU


We help to apply the Counter Pain to one of the Player named Calvin during the Final Stage of Double Men Competition.

We take the Plaster, Cotton, and Dettol apply in cotton and plaster to avoid the injured part expose to the environment.

At first, I stable Calvin’s right leg first because muscle cramp, after stable already I directly use counter pain to apply on his right leg and massage with his leg as well. While Chee Hong helps to take all the First Aid medicine for me, while Sim Sai Hou Help to take pictures for evidence.

After the competitions finished for first aid duty, I, Chee Hong, and Sim Sai Hou had started to have the group photos pictures to make sure we had done our Good Job under MSC Championship 2011.

Best Regards

Ong Poh Ching
Chairman of Emergency Response 2011/2012
Malaysian Red Crescent
Multimedia University Cyberjaya Chapter

Monday, January 2, 2012

〈百行孝为先〉探访恩典老人院 A visit to old folks home


A visit to old folks home

Date : 15 January 2012
Time : 2pm – 8pm
Venue :
恩典老人院, Hulu Langat

正所谓百行孝为先,在这充满新年气息的一月让我们的关心及关怀传达出去。有些事不用只是说说就让行动来证明一切吧。马上按个I AM ATTENDING
每人rm10 只限20人。

Chinese New year are coming soon, lets us do something meaningful - Spread our love to the old folks!!!
Malaysian Red Crescent (MMU) Chapter will organize a trip to En Dian Old Folks Home. We will be having reunion dinner with them and help them to decorate their house.
Just RM 10 per person only. Seats are limited.

“Together we strive for humanity “

Ng Yan Yun
Chairman of Social Welfare
Malaysian Red Crescent
Multimedia University Cyberjaya Chapter