Saturday, March 17, 2012

Recruiting comittees for New Academic year

Dear all,
Academic year of 2011/ 2012 is almost come to an end and hence we are recruiting committees for the new academic year.
For those who are interested in joining the committees of MMU Red Crescent for the year 2012/2013, please send your Name, ID, Year (alpha, beta,gamma etc), Faculty and Position interested to The due date for the submission of name will be on 21st March 2012(Wednesday).
What are you waiting for??? Do grab the chance to become part of the committees of MMU Red Crescent.
The positions available are as follow:
Chapter secretary
- Record minutes, approve letter to be sent out, maintain yahoo group & etc
Chapter treasurer
- Record and control the flowing of MMU RC money & etc
- Monitor VADs activities, prepare master plan, in charge of In campus duty & etc
OC Training
- Organizing courses and first aid training/revision class to the members
Chapter Quartermaster
- Maintain OR Room, keep first aid box updated & etc
Emergency Response
- Director of DRRO camp, in charge of Off campus duty
Blood Program
- Director for Blood donation drive
Social Welfare
- Organizing event such as ice breaking night, binding trip andvisit to orphanage home, take care of MMU RC welfare & etc
 Chairman of IHL
Director of H&H, organizing IHL course and awareness campaign
- Maintain MMURC website, publicize MMU RC events and etc
- Head of VADs and maintain the VADs
Assistant commandants
- Assist commandant in maintaining the VADs
For your information, existing Chapter will go through an interview session with those who are interested to become committees.
Hope to hear good news from you!!
Thank you.
"Together We Strive For Humanity"
Best Regards,
Ng Schew Lin
Chapter Secretary
Malaysian Red Crescent
Multimedia University Cyberjaya Chapter

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Report: Publicity - MMU Rugby 10’s Tournament 2012 First Aid Duty


First Aid Duty

Date : 7th January 2012 – 8th January 2012

Time : 5.30p.m

Venue : MMU Stadium

Organizer : Rugby Club from Multimedia University Cyberjaya Campus

Members on duty

Officers in charge : Kong Joan and Michelle Low

Assistant Officers in Charge: Yeap Xi Xuan and Ham Yi Shiuan

Members on duty :
Goh Pei Gueh , Lim Poon Chuan , Lau Zhi Wei , Lee Siu Ming , Moein Danesh

Brief report

MMU Rugby 10’s Tournament 2012 was held during weekend. This event was created in conjunction with the Trimester 2 subject, BEN 2010, Introduction to Cyberpreneurship, with Mr Muhammad Nizam bin Zainuddin as the lecturer in-charged. We were divided into two groups which were assigned to take turn for duty in these two days.

During the first day, the game was started around 9 o’clock in the morning. There were more than 10 casualties had been treated by ours member. There were cases such as leg sprain, bruises and finger fractured on that day. The casualty who had a serious finger fractured had been sent to the hospital by one of our members. The game matches were ended around 4 o’clock in the evening.

On the last day, the game was started at the same time as the day before. We had performed first aid services to around 28 casualties on that day. Most of the casualties had small injuries such as bruises, bleeding, and wound on their legs, fingers, knee, feet and head. Some of them have muscle cramps on their legs. The serious cases among all the casualty was nose fractured and an open wound on ear. These two casualties had been sent to hospital by ambulance for further treatment. Finally, the game had ended about 4 o’ clock in the evening.


Apply iodine with cotton on his right leg wound to clean the wound

Apply counter pain on the casualty’s leg due to muscle cramp

Use bandage as fan to give the casualty some air for better air circulating

Use cotton to stop the casualty’s blood due to having an open wound on his ear

Best Regards
Kong Joan
Chairman of Publicity 2011/2012
Malaysian Red Crescent
Multimedia University Cyberjaya Chapter

Report: Social Welfare and IHL - Visit old folk home

Visit old folk home

Date : 15 January 2012

Time : 1.00pm-7:00pm

Venue : En Dian old folk home, Hulu Langat

Organizer : Multimedia University Cyberjaya Campus

From this event, MMU RC was able to fundraising by selling chocolate, Twister fruit drink and wishes card in conjunction with Chinese Language Society night market. We managed to get RM800 from this fundraising.

In this event, there were 20 members with 3 organizing committees attended. We helped to decorate the old folk home in conjunction with Chinese New Year is around the corner. Therefore, the old folk home were fully refreshed after the decoration. We also had dinner together with the old folks as an early celebration of reunion dinner. So that the old folks and the Red Crescent members can feel the warm of the Chinese New Year which can celebrating with each other in this beginning of the prosperous and joyful “Dragon Year”.

Appendix 1 Photos

:: Decoration of the old folk

:: Group photo

::Give the gift


Best Regards
Ng Yan Yun
Chairman of
social welfare and IHL 2011/2012
Malaysian Red Crescent
Multimedia University Cyberjaya Chapter