Friday, November 30, 2012

Social Work - Beach Cleaning

Dear all,

Have you tired of seeing dirty beach of Malaysia?
Do you want to do your part to help out? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

Malaysian Red Crescent, Cyberjaya Chapter is organising a trip to Port Dickson to lend our hand to clean the beach.

Lets do our part in preserving the beautiful nature of Malaysia.

For those who are interested to join us, details are as follow:
Date : 9th Dec 2012, Sunday
Time : 8.00 am– 4.00pm (Gather at STAD building)
Venue : Pantai Saujana, Port Dickson
Attire : 1)RC T Shirt with long pants

*You can bring extra clothing to change after the cleaning
*Transportation will be provided.

For any enquiries, feel free to contact the following persons:

Leaw Jian Xiong - 016-7759336 /
Ham Yi Shiuan – 014-6054955 /

You can also register with your respective VAD's commandant.

Thank you.

“Together We Strive For Humanity”

Chapter Committees
Malaysian Red Crescent
Multimedia University Cyberjaya Chapter

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Report: Emergency Response - Disaster Relief and Rescue Operation Camp 2012/2013

We managed to achieve the main objective of our program. The opening ceremony of the DRRO camp was official by Mr. Muniandy, Vice Chairman II of Malaysia Red Crescent Selangor Branch, Miss Tengku Putri Norishah, Deputy Chairman of Malaysian Red Crescent Multimedia University Cyberjaya Chapter together with Ms. Wong Hui Shin, Advisor of Malaysian Red Cresent  Multimedia University Cyberjaya Chapter.
There is total number of 52 participants including 22 committees had participated in the camp. Throughout the camp, the members were being exposed to the knowledge of disaster management and ways to response to disaster. The theoretical classes that had been conducted include:
1.      Introduction to Standard Operation Procedure (SOP).
2.      Role of Malaysian Red Crescent in disaster (Mock Meeting Psychological and Management).
3.      Disaster preparedness, response and management of Malaysian Red Crescent.
4.      Mass cooking and food distribution.
5.      Introduction to communications skills.
Members from each VAD were given an opportunity for practical on mass cooking on the rotation basis. Members from VAD A and VAD C were in charge on the first day while members from VAD B and VAD D were in charge for the second day. Members were able to apply the technique and knowledge learned throughout this practical. They were being observed on the correct ways to use the cooking utensils.
There were simulations on the four different cases of disaster being conducted throughout the camp. Simulation cases included car accident, landslide as well as air plane crash were conducted during day time. On the other hand, simulation case of fire incident was conducted at 4.30am to examine the level of alert and consciousness of the members.
All works but no play, make Jake a dull boy. In order to make the learning process more effective, there are some activities and games being conducted during the camp. Members were divided to form four new teams during the activities so that they have the chance to interact with each other which from different VADs. From the game of Amazing Race a strong relationship between members was bonded.
      The closing ceremony of the DRRO camp was official by En. Abdul Kadir bin Khamis, Disaster Chairman of Malaysian Red Crescent Selangor Branch.
Appendix 1 - Photos
:: The opening ceremony was official by Mr. Muniandy, Vice Chairman II of Malaysian Red Crescent Selangor Branch, Miss Tengku Putri Norishah, Deputy Chairman of Malaysian Red Crescent Multimedia University Cyberjaya Chapter together with Ms. Wong Hui Sin, Advisor of Malaysian Red Crescent Multimedia University Cyberjaya Chapter.
:: The course of Disaster Preparedness and Management was conducted by Mr Kadil.
:: Members were preparing the dinner.
:: Committees and members were taking their dinner.
:: All the members and committees were having the morning exercise together.
:: Members were enjoying the station game which held on the first day of the camp.
:: Casualty during the second practice of landslide.

:: Members were revising the first aid skill.
:: Members were dismantling the tent.
:: Group photo

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

33rd Blood Donation Drive

Dear all,

Greetings from Malaysian Red Crescent Multimedia University Cyberjaya Chapter!

It is our pleasure to announce that we will be having 32nd Blood Donation Drive in the following week. The details of the Blood Donation Drive are as follow:

Date : 19-22 Nov 2012 (Monday-Thursday) (Week 5)

Time : 10.00am - 4.30pm
Venue : FCI Glassroom, MMU Cyberjaya  

Let us clear your doubts!!! ^.^
1. Will donating blood hurt???
 Donating blood is not painful. It may feel like a slight pinch or stingwhen the needle is first inserted, but there is no pain during the donation. Donating blood hurts a lot less than having someone you care about need blood and not get it because it's not there.

2. How long will it take to replenish the pint??? Blood volume and plasma is replaced within 24 hours. Red cells need about 4 to 8 weeks for complete replacement. You can donate again in 56 daysor 8 weeks.

3. I don't have time??? It doesn't take long: about 45 minutes in all from arrival to departure.

4. I might catch something from donating??? Donations are drawn using sterile equipment that is disposed of after a single use, and the professionals who draw your blood wear sterile latex gloves that are disposed of immediately after use on a single patient. At no time will you come in contact with any piece of equipment or material that has had contact with blood or body fluids of someone else.

5. I take medication, so I can't donate??? Depending on what medication you're on, it may halt donation for a period, though in many cases it won't prevent you from donating at all. It's always a good idea to inform nursing staff of this before attending a donation session.

6. I'm too old / young??? The age limit is 18-60. For those who is 61-65, you have to get thecertified document about your health situation from doctor. So long as you are healthy and weigh at least 45 kg, you can continue to contribute to your community. Once you turn 18 with weight at least 45 kg, you can make a real grown-up contribution to your community.

7. I can't donate my blood because I'm a vegetarian which means my blood doesn't have enough iron in it??? There's no problem with vegetarians giving blood, the iron needed is taken from stores in the body, and are replaced after donation. Provided you have a balanced diet, you should be able to replenish your iron supply within a month. Vegetarians may take a little longer though to make up their iron levels after a donation.

8. I am a International Students, can I donate?
 Yes, you can donate, with the conditions that you have stay in Malaysia for at least 1 year without leaving Malaysia within the period.

9. Others~ You will not faint or feel uncomfortable after donating blood. This is a common misconception. You wont feel drained or tired if you continue to drink fluids and have a good meal. You can resume your normal activities after donating blood, though you are asked to refrain from exercise or heavy weight lifting for twelve hours after donation. Donating blood will not leave you low of blood; in fact you will still have surplus blood after the donation. If you choose toconsume alcohol, you can on the next day. Even if your blood type is common there is still a requirement. Patients are just like donors - most of them have common blood types. Because your blood type is common, the demand for that type is greater than for rare types.

You Don't Have To Be A Doctor To Save Lives! 

Everyone are welcome to join us. SAPS point will be given.

For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact:
Pong Chee Hong, 017-2078018,
Ham Yi Shiuan, 014-6054955,

Hope to see you there. Thank you.

"Together We Strive For Humanity"

Best regards,
33rd Blood Donation Drive Committee
Malaysian Red Crescent
Multimedia University Cyberjaya Chapter