Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner (AVAD) 2013/14

Date: 12 April 2014
Venue: Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort
Time: 7:00pm – 11:00pm
Theme: Night of the Stars

             The Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner (AVAD) was held to appreciate the contribution of the RC members throughout the whole year as a RC member. Another objective of this event is to provide a flashback for the members about what they had done throughout the whole year in MMU Red Crescent. The theme is "Night of the Stars". There were 40 people had attended this meaningful dinner. Miss Wong; advisor of Malaysian Red Crescent MMU Cyberjaya Chapter had attended this dinner as our VIP.

            After arrival of Ms. Wong Hui Shin at 7.45pm, all VIPs are invited to the stage to officiate the opening ceremony. After that, the dinner started. At the same time, we had sang the theme song and play the musical instrument performance by Chan Yu Xuan, Lee Cornie, Pong Chee Wei, Chuah Jin Loon, and Chai Yi Lin. Next, we had a game session, which was vocabulary guessing game. In each round of the game, 5 participants involved; 4 of them would describe the vocabulary word, and another one would guess the vocabulary words, which were written on the index cards, from the clues given. 
After the game session, we were having award ceremony for giving out 4 Best Service awards, followed by another performance, which was magic show, performed by Pong Chee Wei and Chong Wee Nee. Then, we continued with game session. In this session, we introduced second game, where the first participant would tell an item(e.i: ball) and the rest would tell out the items that are related (e.i: basketball,football).

 As the game session finished, we gave out other awards, including Best Leader, Best Commandant, Best Senior, Best Participation in DRRO, Best Male, Best Female, and Best VAD. Then, last performance, Mr. Bean short drama was performed by Pong Chee Wei, Tan Ying Bin, and Cho Der Hwa. 

Last but not least, we had a photo session after giving out awards for prom king and prom queen.


                                                   Opening ceremony

                      Singing theme song and playing musical instrument performance

                                           Award ceremony: Best Male

                                 Award ceremony: Best Female
                                   Award ceremony: Best Senior

                                  Award ceremony: Best Commandant
                                   Best VAD of the year: VAD C

                                     Committee group photo

                                          Group photo