Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You can do something for Old Folks Home!

You can do something Special for the Old Folks!!!

We are having a booth in the R.E.M.IX Night Market organized by Fresh Bottle Acoustic Workshop with the details as follow:

Date : 13th December 2011 – 15th December 2011 (Tuesday-Thursday)
Time : 6.00pm to 11.00pm
Venue: Incubator Carpark, MMU

We will be selling chocolates in the night market. The profit gained will be donated to one of the old folk home selected within Selangor area.

Each Chocolate - RM1
Appreciation Card (the Picture) - Donate more than RM2
Twister Driink - RM1.50

Combo deal A - 1 Drink + 1 chocolates + Appreciation card = RM 4
Combo deal B - 1 Drink + 2 chocolates + Appreciation card = RM 5
Combo deal C - 1 Drink + 4 chocolates + Appreciation card = RM 7

Come and Support Us!!!
The link below is the detail about Old Folk Home