Monday, October 3, 2011

Report: VAD D Commandant - VAD D Outing


Date : 13th August 2011
: 10am- 4pm
: Ulu Yam
: Malaysian Red Crescent Multimedia University Cyberjaya Campus

This outing was organized to bond all the Red Crescent members. A good relationship among the members is very important for a society. We went to Ulu Yam and we BBQ there. Besides that, we also played games in the river

Voluntary Aid Detachment D (VAD D) is the first VAD that organized an outing to all the Red Crescent members and committees. We went to the venue of the outing by MMU bus. Besides, we also brought a lots of food there to BBQ. We gathered at 10am and started our journey at 10.30am. We chit-chatting with each other in the bus to break the ice. We reached our venue at about 12pm. Then we started to make the fire for BBQ purpose. After that we ate and had fun together. Our event ended at 4pm and we back to MMU Cyberjaya.

:: This is the venue of our outing.

:: We are making fire together.

:: We are grilling the chicken wings.

:: We are playing games together in the river.

"Together we strive for humanity"

Best Regards,
Lee Su Hwee
Vad D commandant
Red Crescent Outing
Malaysian Red Crescent

Multimedia University Cyberjaya Chapter